About: Debbie Ladd

While she holds a Masters Degree in administration/supervision and is certified to teach grades 1-12, Debbie has focused her attention on high school English and journalism classes. Labeled a master teacher, she has earned national and local recognition for her work as an adviser in Florida and Oregon and has spoken at national conventions around the country. She has also critiqued periodicals for several organizations and was presented with the Gold Award by a national publishing company. She was profiled in The Journal, a California Central Coast publication. Most recently, she was featured in 2006’s Who’s Who in America and 2006, 2008, and 2010-1011 editions of Who’s Who of American Women. Debbie’s books have received testimonials from Locks of Love, Parent and Child Magazines, Midwest Book Review, and others. As an author, Debbie seeks to bring the joy of reading to children. She has presented lessons and read in elementary and preschools as well as in libraries and in other venues.

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