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As a teacher and children’s book author, I love to read to kids. I find that children are most encouraged to read when they find subjects that appeal to them. That’s the benefit of the local library, as there’s a wealth of topics from which to choose. Additionally, comic books, reading websites, and magazines are appealing.

When I make presentations at schools, I ask questions about the book(s) I’ve read in order to strengthen skills. Additionally, positive reinforcement is a wonderful way to encourage children, as they love to be rewarded for their work. A simple “great job”, “wonderful answer”, or “that’s terrific” can make a child feel super special. It also encourages buy-in for further learning. (Even if a child gives an incorrect answer, I encourage him/her by saying, “Good try, but…”) By incorporating these strategies, children begin to realize that reading is entertaining, educational, and interesting, and they are more prone to pick up a book, even just for the fun of it.

~Debbie Ladd


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