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School is underway, and with the start of new classes and new students, I am reminded, as always, why I teach, why I write children’s books, and why I love both careers.

Children are formative and can develop into something beautiful, impressive, unique, and special. The key is to expect high standards and to be fair, upbeat, and positive. It is also essential to find an exceptional quality that each young person possesses and to affirm that distinctiveness by instilling confidence through positive reinforcement, which, in turn, encourages learning. The connection begins there.

Writing stories is no different. I start with an idea and try to sculpt the story around a positive concept, one that makes learning enjoyable. Each story focuses on characters who experience life, ask questions, and/or learn lessons. My objective is to promote an interest in reading with appealing, relatable storylines and characters. The outcomes make education a heartening, joyful experience. Such is the case in Ethan the Ending Eater, Nurse Robin’s Hats, Puddles, What If, and Don’t Pick Your Nose.

~Debbie Ladd


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